Transpiration and Drought


East Anglia hurt most as drought continued to destroy crops in 2011
The 2011 spring and summer drought severely affected crops, particularly in the east of England, where wheat and malting barley failed to grow to full size. Some areas got only 10% of their usual rainfall.

"In East Anglia, we're looking at 20% losses up to 50% losses. We're even hearing at the moment about some farmers with total crop loss." said Jenny Bashford, water policy adviser for the National Union of Farmers in June 2011."
Environment Agency map showing the areas affected by drought in June 2011. © Environment Agency


Transpiration in Plants
Water is taken in through plant roots, travels up the stem to the leaves and evaporates out into the air through the stomata. This transpiration stream brings with it all the nutrients the plant needs to grow. If water is lost faster than it can get in through the roots the plant wilts and may die.